Epilogue: The Evolution of AIM


The Path to Consciousness

A Novel By
Stephen Lewis & Evan Slawson

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Epilogue: The Evolution of AIM

Max and I had been working together for several years and I had come to share his absolute passion for our work, because I couldn't imagine being involved in anything else. He had surrendered all hardware and software considerations to me, allowing him to focus his attention on his research on developing frequencies...for balancing, increasing life force, retarding aging, immune enhancement, greater consciousness. In his words, I enabled him to "fulfill my destiny to be an idiot-savant."

We worked sixty to eighty hours a week, implemented massive, extraordinary changes in the QED, and still felt we were falling short. Max's mantra became, "We had a good day. We're only a little more behind than yesterday."

The problem was that we were caught up in an alarming trend, and it was increasing exponentially. Some imbalances were becoming so prevalent in the population that it was impossible to avoid them. Everyone had them and, unfortunately, they were willing and able to share.

For me and Jen and Max, the choir, our pets and the lab rats (close friends on whom we tried out new frequencies) the problem was insignificant. We simply checked our imbalances daily on the QED and imprinted them daily.

Eventually and inevitably, we had a proprietary tray which Max called The Hit Parade. It contained all of those pandemic, ubiquitous frequencies, many of which tested-out to be either mutated, recombinant or pliomorphic, which made them difficult to identify. Every day, Jennifer would dutifully imprint our pictures for all of the fifteen or so imbalances du jour. And every day we got rid of them.

It became a casual source of surreal, dark but familiar humor among us:

"I just got the frequency of TB again. Can you feel it?"

"Sure can. Can't miss that stiff shoulder. How about you guys over there?"

"Not yet..."

"Well, wait a few minutes. It'll get there."

We weren't concerned. Jennifer and her assistants had us "cooking" on the Hit Parade tray.

Unfortunately, our clients didn't share our devil-may-care attitude. More and more often we heard, "When I'm on the computer I'm fine. As soon as I'm off, it comes back."

It didn't come back. We knew that. We could measure the time frame. They had acquired the frequency again. But they couldn't understand that -- understandably, because they lacked our privileged perspective.

Max had a growing list of people who responded to the daily grind of imbalances by asking to be checked and imprinted every day. Many more who couldn't afford the luxury of daily evaluations had themselves checked and imprinted two or three times a week.

Max was clearly frustrated by the endless hit parade of imbalances and by the growing legions of people who were suffering from them.

One day, thinking about the various things Max and I had been talking about, I had a sudden brainstorm. I went in to Max's office and sat down to talk with him. I stuck out my thumb.

"Here," I said, handing him the probe, "check me."

"I checked you this morning," he said.

"Check me again now," I insisted.

"Is something specific bothering you?" he asked.

"I've got a couple of minor issues that I think you can deal with."

Max ran through the evaluation process with me and came up with a few energetic imbalances he said I did not have earlier.

"But those aren't exactly serious imbalances," he said. "They would go away on their own without energetic balancing."

"They'll go away quicker with energetic balancing, won't they?"

He acknowledged that they would.

I went over to one of the imprinting machines, grabbed a photograph of myself that was lying around, and put myself on for the imbalances he had just found.

Then I sat back down at Max's desk and put my thumb out again. "Check me again," I demanded.

"Are you feeling unusually paranoid today?" Max asked.

"I want to make sure I'm perfect," I said. "Or at least as perfect as possible."

Max was waiting for me to make some sense out of what I was doing so I explained. "Is it possible that I've already acquired a new imbalance since the evaluation you just gave me?"

"Of course," he said.

"I want to deal with my imbalances as soon as I get them."

"Who wouldn't?"

"Look, Max, I basically want to get energetic balancing twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year."

"You'll have to find somebody else to do the evaluations," he said. "Because there are other people who need my help."

"I have a plan," I said.

I carefully outlined the idea I'd been thinking about.

"As I see it," I ventured, "one of the problems we have with energetic balancing is that it is difficult and expensive to deliver the balancing energies. Because of this, among other reasons, it is only possible to deliver a limited number of balancing energies at a time. Since we can only deliver a limited number of balancing energies at a time, it is mandatory to do an energetic evaluation to find out exactly which energies a person needs at any given time."

"That about sums it up," Max agreed.

"What if we built a machine that could deliver all of the balancing energies for every known imbalance?" I asked.

"What makes you think I haven't considered that?" Max snapped at me. "There are three reasons it can't be done. First of all, we can't fit that many imbalances in one imprinting computer."

"So use two computers, three...five," I answered. "Who cares how many machines it takes?"

"Fair enough," he replied. "Second, our present power settings don't support that many imbalances. But, I know. You'll change the power settings. Right?"

"Of course."

"OK. Now, lets cut to the chase. If anyone is imprinted with thousands of frequencies at the same time, the net result of each imprinted frequency would be negligible. It's more information than consciousness can process."

"That's easy, Max" I answered. "Get a Rosetta Stone."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Do what you do best, Max, and what only you can do. Figure out a frequency that will let each person -- via their photo -- select only those frequencies that are appropriate and ignore all the others. Just like the Rosetta stone provided the key to translating Egyptian hieroglyphics, this frequency or combination of frequencies would provide the key for the higher consciousness to select among the thousands of energies it is receiving."

Max gave me a funny look. "You're proposing an organic interaction between artificial intelligence and good taste. Is that right? Neils Bohr meets Charlie the Tuna?"

"Exactly!" I replied. "The Energetic Manifesto: To each according to his imbalance. Think about it. First of all, it would mean that it was no longer necessary to do an energetic evaluation, since the main point of the evaluation is to determine exactly which energies are needed. Second, it would be like getting an energetic evaluation many times a day. An infinite number of times, in a way."

He looked at me and said, "Congratulations. You're a quantum physicist. Now no one will understand what you're talking about."

That was the beginning of months of trial and error, measurement and experiment... always on us, because we had sullenly agreed to give-up our personal trays and place our trust in AIM, which was an acronym for either Absolute Imprinting Method or All-Inclusive Module. We weren't sure which, but it was AIM, because, ultimately, it was about taking aim against our imbalances, focusing our consciousness to remove the disturbances in the energetic matrix. We built new equipment, designed for the specific purpose of delivering the AIM energies with the highest possible efficiency. The new equipment was dubbed the "QID" for Quantum-Consciousness Imprinting Device.

Every few days Max would change the Rosetta Frequency, put it in the QID, then demand "more virgins," the term he used for subjects who had never had energetic balancing. Our secretaries were frantically phoning their friends and relatives, getting permission to use pictures of them and their pets for AIM.

We monitored, daily, the energetic progress of our four test groups:

(1) IVs - Informed virgins, who were told about the nature of their energetic imbalances.

(2) UVs - Uninformed virgins, who, obviously, were not.

(3) CGVs - Control-group virgins, who had been evaluated only for eligibility, and were checked daily, but only for the frequency levels of their life-force and consciousness.

(4) US - which stands for Max, Jennifer, the choir and me.

As Max continued to improve the efficiency of the Rosetta Frequency, and I implemented the other changes required for AIM, we began to notice some extraordinary changes.

First of all, every one of us had significant, measurable increases in the frequencies of our life-force, consciousness and immune-resistance levels.

Max attributed this to, "The more time you spend resisting an imbalance, the more of your life-force you're allocating for that purpose. When you deal with the frequency of an imbalance the moment you acquire it, it takes very little time for you to remove it, and you have more life-force available for the real purposes of your existence."

"Which are...?"

"Achieving your highest consciousness and life-force. Minimizing the separation between you and the universe. And, to do that you've got to have energy available for just that. Otherwise, it's like trying to run a marathon carrying a bowling ball. You may conceivably finish, but your time will only impress the other bowlers."

The second effect of AIM was, according to Max, even more significant, but according to all of us, far less enjoyable...and all of us, including Max, had to go through it. We called it "Energetic Detox."

We each had deep, hidden imbalances, invariably hereditary, which Max had never found, but, was nonetheless found by AIM and the Rosetta Frequency. For each of us, those base-imbalances, as Max called them, began to surface, and we endured the consequent detoxing, some of us with more dignity than others.

For several weeks Max's arms and legs had an itchy rash, and it was disconcerting to talk with him while he scratched, particularly since I was in a constant state of ill humor and irritability because of the hereditary liver imbalance frequency spewing out.

Jennifer, a serious athlete, could barely get in and out of her chair as she removed the frequency of her hereditary multiple sclerosis.

"Why can't the pain just be in my picture?" she whined.

"How do you know it's not hurting?" Max asked. "You're probably just too separated from your quantum consciousness to perceive it." He looked around at us and said, "Jennifer gets this weeks' ISAAC award." Then he walked over to the AIM tray and began scratching his picture.

Jennifer stalked out of the room in a slow-motion snit.

"What all of us want," Max said, "including me, is the proverbial free lunch. We want our imbalances removed without the experience. For better or for worse, it doesn't work that way. You can't become conscious of something and remain unconscious of it at the same time."

His observation was small comfort to us as each of us grudgingly accepted the inevitability of our energetic detox process.

"Regardless," Max said, "you know you have to experience these imbalances and you want them removed now, because they are going to come out someday, one way or the other."

The "other" way Max was talking about meant this: Energetic imbalances impede the flow and expression of life force. For each of us, fighting our active and hereditary imbalances is an ongoing drain of life force energy. The normal pattern is that we use up our energy in this battle. Then when we are older and weaker and we no longer have the energetic strength to repress the expression of our hereditary imbalances, they become active imbalances, and express themselves to their fullest potential.

"I believe that this shift of hereditary imbalances to an active status is one of the biggest causes of aging," Max said. "And the loss of life force that we experience as a result of fighting those imbalances at the hereditary level speeds up the process of aging and brings us more quickly to the day of reckoning when we lose the battle against those imbalances."


Finally it was over. Max didn't itch, I wasn't angry and Jennifer reached the highest athletic performance levels of her life. And, for each of us, our life-force and consciousness levels took quantum leaps to the highest levels of our lives. Some people said that what they used to consider feeling "good" was like being sick compared to the way they felt after finishing energetic detox.

Max has since pointed out that we may never know all the benefits of AIM. "As soon as we find a frequency that increases the measure of life force, consciousness or immune resistance, or decreases the measure of aging, vulnerability, heavy metals, parasites," he said, "it is added to AIM, and, if you need it, if it benefits you, you'll select it for as long as necessary. The energetically imprinted frequency of your universe will have changed, if your consciousness causes it to change.

"For each according to his imbalance."


We have taken the liberty of summarizing the lessons we have learned about AIM in the accompanying brochure, THE AIM PROGRAM, and we urge you to read it if you are considering energetic balancing.



The Energetic Matrix
Church of Consciousness

Providing the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing, a Spiritual Technology for removing Energetic Imbalances and increasing the Consciousness of living beings


If everything is energy (E=mc²)
then anything is possible.

"Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature,
but in opposition to what we know of nature."
St. Augustine





The AIM Program


What is Energetic Balancing?

Energetic Balancing is the sacrament of the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness (EMC2). Its purpose is to remove energetic imbalances, which EMC2 believes impede the flow and expression of your life force. Energetic Balancing is performed by imparting subtle-energy balancing frequencies to an individual's photograph. These energies are transmitted via the photograph directly to the person in the photograph. These balancing energies are used by the person's "energetic matrix" or "higher self" in order to neutralize any energetic imbalances. Ultimately, the purpose of Energetic Balancing is to increase the consciousness of the individual, so that he or she can fulfill their true purpose in this lifetime.

What is the Energetic Matrix?

EMC2 thinks of the energetic matrix as the "true self" of the individual. In other words, we are beings of pure energy. The energetic matrix is the most fundamental expression of our true being. Energetic imbalances exist, not in the body or mind or emotions or other parts of us. They exist in our energetic matrix.

What is AIM?

AIM is currently the most effective method of Energetic Balancing. AIM stands for Absolute Imprinting Mode or All-Inclusive Mode. AIM delivers all of the balancing energies for gross imbalances.

If you join the AIM program, you will be on the imprinting trays 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. AIM is available in 6-month or 1-year increments. For the duration of your AIM program, you receive, through your photograph, the entire spectrum of balancing energies.

How does AIM work?

AIM acts as a 24-hour weapon against energetic imbalances. AIM works by delivering the entire spectrum of balancing energies for gross imbalances, along with some additional energies. Among the additional energies are specific activating frequencies that enable you to select automatically those frequencies you need at any given time. In addition, there are some enhancing energies that help you increase your life force and your ability to respond to energetic crises.

Are the effects of AIM permanent? Will I still be protected after my AIM program ends?

Many of the effects of any Energetic Balancing process are permanent. For instance, hereditary/karmic imbalances, once removed, are gone forever at the hereditary/karmic level. However, we are constantly exposed to new imbalances. When your AIM program ends, you should be better able to deal with energetic imbalances than you were before AIM; but, in EMC2's experience, most people are better able to overcome imbalances when they continue to receive balancing energies.

What can I expect if I take AIM?

Each individual experiences Energetic Balancing differently because each person is unique in both the range of current imbalances and the available life force with which they can fight these imbalances.

With this in mind, however, there seems to be a common pattern that most people experience in the process of Energetic Balancing under the AIM program.

The Honeymoon
For the first week to ten days, often starting the same day they first begin receiving AIM, most people report that they have increased energy and clarity, that they sleep better and they have a greater sense of well-being. We sometimes refer to this period as the "honeymoon." During this time, the surface imbalances which are easily removed are swept away, leaving you more available life force.

Energetic Detox
Often after the honeymoon, a process of "energetic detox" occurs. During this process, you may experience some discomfort as energetic imbalances that were buried deep inside your energetic matrix come to the surface. This energetic detox phase may last from two to eight weeks or sometimes more, again depending on the individual. For example, energetic detox for the subtle-energy frequencies associated with heavy metals may take a full year. Many people find the energetic detox phase to be a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Our best advice is to see the process through as it is a necessary part of the experience of Energetic Balancing. Remember, Energetic Balancing is about bringing to consciousness things which are currently being held back from your awareness. Experiencing these imbalances as they leave is a natural part of the process.

As a consolation, these imbalances which are causing discomfort as they are removed would eventually express themselves, possibly at a time when you may be too weak to resist them. At that time, they can cause more than mere discomfort. In addition, these imbalances have been draining your life force over time. Once they are released, the life force that is being used to suppress the effects of the imbalance can be used to express and create the things you want in life.

Cruising Altitude
After the energetic detox phase, we achieve what might be called "cruising altitude." This is the point where the vast majority of your energetic imbalances have been removed. Like a jet that has reached cruising altitude, you find it's easier to go faster, get more done. There is less resistance. You don't have to work as hard to achieve your goals.

Most people report an extremely high sense of well-being in this phase, with a greater sense of inner peace, clarity and ability to create what they want in their lives. Many people have said they feel stronger, more alert, a greater sex drive, they sleep less and sleep more restfully, etc. All of these things are consistent with the removal of energetic imbalances.

Once I reach cruising altitude, does this mean I'll never feel any discomfort again? Does it mean I'll never have another energetic imbalance?

Absolutely NOT.

There are several things you have to consider.

First, even at cruising altitude there is turbulence. We are beings of energy afloat in a sea of energy. We are constantly acquiring and removing energetic imbalances from ourselves at all times. This is the work of the self-organizing ability that characterizes living beings. It is how we overcome entropy. This work is not over at any time during your life.

Routinely, EMC2 has found that even individuals who are energetically balanced can sometimes struggle with a newly acquired imbalance. Usually, these imbalances only last a few hours or a few days. With AIM, you already have the tools that help you function at maximum effectiveness against energetic imbalance. Even so, you may take a little longer to overcome a particular imbalance that you have never before encountered. To illustrate this using diseases as an example (please remember that EMC2 does not diagnose, treat or cure diseases -- they are being used here only to illustrate an energetic interaction using more familiar concepts), when Europeans first came to America, native Indians had never before been exposed to some of their diseases. Thus, to the Indians, measles were a fatal plague, though the Europeans, who had been exposed to measles for generations, were easily able to overcome them. A similar effect happens with energetic imbalances. Previous experience overcoming a given imbalance makes you stronger against that imbalance the next time you encounter it.

Second, there is another phenomenon that can occur. Perhaps we can call it "Crash 'n Burn."

Crash 'n Burn

Imagine you are at cruising altitude and things are better than you can remember them being for a long time, maybe ever. Then all of a sudden you find yourself struggling with an imbalance. It may be a minor discomfort or it may even be very uncomfortable. When this happens you wonder whether your new-found energetic balance may have suddenly left you.

EMC2 has found that if an imbalance persists for more than 4 or 5 days once somebody reaches cruising altitude, it usually indicates that they are manifesting a previously undiscovered imbalance. This may mean that EMC2 is either not currently providing a balancing energy for that imbalance or has only recently begun providing a balancing energy for it.

To illustrate, if an EMC2 member experiences a persistent imbalance once he or she has reached cruising altitude, EMC2 will perform an Energetic Evaluation to determine whether, in fact, the individual has a previously undiscovered imbalance. If so, EMC2 ascertains the Quantum Index for that imbalance, determines the correct balancing energy, then adds that balancing energy to the set of subtle energies being imprinted. Thus, everyone who is receiving Energetic Balancing receives the balancing energy for the newly discovered imbalance. (Note that there are many imbalances which have been discovered in this way.)

The individual who the imbalance was discovered in begins the process of removing that imbalance as soon as the correct balancing energy is provided. Even though they were previously at cruising altitude, it sometimes may seem to this person that they have started the energetic detox phase again. If the newly discovered imbalance was hereditary, it may take two to six weeks for that imbalance to be removed. During this time, the person may experience discomfort associated with that energetic imbalance. Fortunately, this discomfort is temporary. And once this imbalance is removed the individual has still more life force energy available for the things that matter. In effect, "cruising altitude" will be at a higher elevation than ever.

There is another aspect to the persistent imbalance that is worth noting. If you are receiving Energetic Balancing and a new imbalance is discovered, a new balancing energy is added to the spectrum of balancing energies you are receiving. If you don't have the associated imbalance, you will not experience any effect whatsoever from this addition. But if you do have the associated imbalance, your higher self will immediate begin the process of removal once you start receiving the balancing energy. This imbalance may be a deeply-rooted imbalance for you and you may experience the same persistent discomfort as the individual in whom the imbalance was first discovered.

Thus, when EMC2 investigates a complaint of persistent imbalance, we typically find either a previously undiscovered imbalance or a recently discovered imbalance.

Please note that after you have received AIM for at least 6 months, if you experience an imbalance that persists for two weeks or more EMC2 may perform an Energetic Evaluation at no charge, looking for a previously undiscovered imbalance. Prior to the 6-month mark, Energetic Evaluation is not useful, because during that time imbalances that seem persistent are usually manifestations of hereditary imbalances during the energetic detox process. EMC2 does not report to you which imbalances are found in this evaluation. The evaluation is purely to determine whether you are experiencing an imbalance which is not currently known to EMC2 (i.e. it has not been previously revealed) and therefore its balancing energy is not among those included in the AIM Program. If you have a previously un-revealed imbalance, we will determine the correct balancing energy and add it to the AIM Program. You will then be notified that this imbalance was found in your consciousness and it will be named with your initials to commemorate your participation in its revelation.

Why doesn't AIM get rid of everything all at once so I'm done with energetic imbalances forever?

In a sense, AIM does get rid of everything at once -- or at least as fast as your higher self / energetic matrix can remove it. This is the reason that some people complain about the discomfort they experience during the energetic detox phase. We advise people to be patient with themselves and others during this phase. Fortunately, that phase is over relatively quickly and the reward is higher life force and higher consciousness levels.

Because "there is always more" when it comes to energetic imbalances, EMC2 does not believe that the process of Energetic Balancing is ever complete during our lifetimes. It is best to think of Energetic Balancing as a process that requires commitment over time. Frequently, people experience dramatic results from the early stages of energetic balancing (from the Honeymoon, through the Energetic Detox phase and into their first Cruising Altitude phase). Afterwards, the effects of Energetic Balancing are more subtle -- but since the individual's consciousness is now higher, their awareness and appreciation of these more-subtle effects continues.

How is the AIM program different from EMC2's previous approach?

Previously, EMC2 was able to deliver only a limited spectrum of balancing energies at any given time. Thus, to effectively deliver these energies, it was critical to find out precisely which energies were needed by any given individual. Thus, an Energetic Evaluation was performed each time Energetic Balancing was requested. This process was difficult and time consuming and therefore expensive. AIM is such a profound advance in metaphysics and Spiritual TechnologySM that it is now cost effective for an individual to have 'round-the-clock protection from energetic imbalances.

Do I still need Energetic Evaluation?

No. As explained above, Energetic Evaluation was required at one time in order to determine exactly which balancing energies you required. With AIM, you are already receiving all of the balancing energies. Thus, it is not necessary to determine your current specific need.


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EMC² does not diagnose, treat or cure disease.

Energetic Balancing is a Spiritual TechnologySM
for removing energetic imbalances.

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© 1998 Stephen Lewis & Evan Slawson
All rights reserved.
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