Epilogue Two: Up to Date


The Path to Consciousness

A Novel By
Stephen Lewis & Evan Slawson

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Epilogue Two: Up to Date

One day, almost two years after the evolution of AIM, Max and I were in his office discussing one of the most common questions people asked us as we shared with them the energetic ministry of EMC2, the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, which we had founded to provide Energetic Balancing in the spiritual context it demanded.

“Why do many energetic imbalances have names which are the same as or similar to many diseases?” I asked, echoing their question to Max.

Max smiled. “Everything is energy, of course. Even diseases. But in our case, we don’t actually deal with disease, as you know. That is the realm of doctors. We deal with energy and spirit, which is to say Consciousness. As you also know, we measure energetic imbalances, which are, by definition, spiritual, which is to say they exist in Consciousness. That’s the basis of our Spiritual Technology. We call it Spiritual Technology because it deals with the spirit, which is Consciousness with a capital C. If an energetic imbalance which we identify as the frequency of HIV or cancer exists in someone’s consciousness, we believe that it disturbs their energetic harmony. We also believe that it has a negative effect on their overall well-being. Obviously, we have no means to identify or treat disease. In fact it is not even relevant to us because diseases are issues to be dealt with between each person and their qualified health practitioner.

“On the other hand, if you have a frequency which we believe is the conscious resonance or spiritual essence associated with what might best be called a ‘disease entity’ in your consciousness, what we do is help you remove it by giving you the right tool. That’s why when people ask if they have a disease, I say I have no idea. And if they ask, should they continue taking their medications, I say how would I know, ask your doctor. But I sincerely believe—and this is the doctrinal belief of our church—if someone has an energetic imbalance in their consciousness and this imbalance has been identified as an energetic frequency with a disease name, I have no doubt that it affects their sense of well-being and it affects their Life Force as we measure it, i.e. in units of consciousness. And anything that lowers the Life Force, lowers a person’s ability to achieve the spiritual goal of higher consciousness.”

“Or any other goal,” I added.

He pointed to several dozen photos on his desk. “I’d like you to see the results of your revelation.”

“My revelation?”

“Yes. I told you I didn’t think the Rosetta frequency was possible, but you were obsessed with it, you were dreaming about it... and you were adamant. I know a little bit about revelations, and in the face of your absolute certainty, and considering my experiences and values, I had no choice but to assume the source of your certainty was from something bigger than you, whether I shared your vision or not. I persisted because I saw it was something you knew. And now we know that you were right, that it was right. It was revealed to you and, consequently, the AIM Program is a reality. Let me show you what I think it’s going to mean.”

Max handed me the QED ground, and I, in what was by now a Pavlovian response, stuck out my thumb.

He checked each of the photos, and each was positive for three energetic imbalances, expressed in units of consciousness on the Quantum Index, the scale that had been revealed to Max years earlier.

“So what are those three imbalances?” I asked.

“Actually,” Max replied, “they amount to one imbalance.”

“How can that be?”

“Because they are recombinant,” he said. “You know what that means, don’t you?”

“Well, recombined, obviously, but...”

“Let’s put it this way,” Max continued, “You have a goldfish and a lapdog. When you leave the house, you never worry about them mating and presenting you with a lapfish or a golddog. In nature, it’s not a threat you have to consider. What we have here are lapfishes and golddogs, which in nature are really hen’s teeth. In other words, they don’t occur in nature.”

“Don’t you think you’re being a little cryptic?” I asked him.

He laughed and said, “Probably so. This first energetic imbalance is one we identify with the energetic frequency (not the disease) we call HIV, but is way outside its normal range on the Quantum Index. In fact, it has properties that make it an airborne energetic imbalance.”

“Wait!” I interrupted. “Airborne energetic imbalance? What does that mean?”

“Energetic imbalances can move around in a number of ways, many of them are similar to the ways that diseases move around. Sometimes they are acquired the good old fashioned way: hereditarily.”

“Just like karmic imbalances,” I added.

“Karma issues are more subtle than the imbalances we are discussing,” Max replied. “We’re talking about gross imbalances, which can have links to karma, of course, but often are just circumstantial. But even when they’re circumstantial you still have to deal with them.”

“So airborne imbalances are circumstantial?” I asked.

“You interrupted me,” Max said patiently. “I was about to say that in addition to acquiring imbalances hereditarily, they can also be present environmentally, meaning in people, animals, water, food, air, whatever is around you.”

“But I thought the energetic imbalances exist in Consciousness,” I remarked.

“Everything is energy and everything is conscious,” Max told me. “Most if not all of the great spiritual traditions say that God is in all things and what is God if not Consciousness.”

I nodded and pointed at the QED’s screen. “So after the HIV frequency, what are the others?”

“The second one has the energetic frequency of a particular hepatitis imbalance (again and as always not the disease) which is also capable of being airborne. The third is a totally harmless energetic frequency which shows up on the Quantum Index in the range we call ‘viral.’ When we use the QED to reveal its affects on a person’s energetic matrix, we find that affects the energy or ‘orb’ of the skin—or, more precisely, that portion of the energetic matrix that we believe is the underlying Consciousness which manifests as skin. But this frequency has only one extraordinary property.”

Max put his hand on mine, then pulled it away and said, “It is an imbalance that is so transferable that if I have it, now you have it.”

“But if it’s harmless...”

“It is harmless, but it doesn’t exist by itself. It is recombined with these other two imbalances which are energetically far from harmless. In fact, I estimate that the entire country will have these three imbalances in a year or two, because they are recombinant, and exist as a team.”

“What does that mean?” I asked

Max probed my thumb again, and picture after picture showed the frequency of “immune deficiency imbalance.”

“Let me tell you what an energetic immune deficiency imbalance means,” Max said. “We are all born with a template for our personal energetic disaster. That template is called ‘hereditary imbalances.’ Understand that every hereditary imbalance will become active in everyone—if they live long enough.” He hesitated. “In other words, as one becomes older and weaker, one’s energetic ability—one’s energetic immune system, as it were—becomes weaker and weaker. Eventually, it gets weak enough that your disaster template, your hereditary imbalances, get the upper hand and begin to manifest themselves. That might not be too bad if somebody’s hereditary imbalances become active when they are one hundred and ten years old.”

“Unless you were hoping to have a robust old age,” I replied.

“For most people,” Max said, “that would be pretty good. But have you noticed that people are starting to fall apart at younger and younger ages?”

“You read about it all the time. Kids with cancer, that sort of thing.”

“I’m not talking about disease, of course,” Max said, “I’m just talking about energy. But what I’m seeing is that something is happening to people that is causing their energetic immune systems to be compromised at a relatively young chronological age. This means they suddenly become biologically old. And their hereditary imbalances start to manifest because of their weakness.”

“But we don’t have any hereditary imbalances to become active, do we?” I asked.

“That’s us,” Max said, “because we’re on AIM.” He gestured at the pictures we had just tested. “But they’re not.”

“Yet,” I said.

“If you have an immune deficiency imbalance, every hereditary imbalance becomes active within about a year, no matter what your chronological age is.” Max picked up a picture of a young boy and put it on the tray. “That’s why he now has the frequency of active malignancy, and a Life Force of seventy-one. A Life Force that low always indicates the frequency of active malignancy. And low Life Force is becoming more and more common. An interesting thing revealed by the QED is that Life Force doesn’t drop in a linear fashion. It goes from seventy or so to the mid-sixties, then goes to the forties. It skips the fifties altogether. And below forty, you are ineligible.”

“Ineligible doesn’t mean Energetic Balancing won’t work,” I pointed out. “We’ve had quite a few ineligibles whose Life Force has skyrocketed in the months after participating in the AIM Program.”

“Right,” Max said. “Ineligibility just means that we are not confident that a person has enough personal power to effect their own Energetic Balancing, even with the added boost from the AIM Program. Perhaps we should just call it ‘Low Life Force’ as a way of notifying people. But when we first started the AIM Program, less than half of one-percent was in this category. Now it is almost five percent.”

“That’s amazing!”

Max was somber. “Around ten percent of the people who go on AIM lately have a Life Force of around forty-five.”

I was stunned. “They’re on the edge.”

Max nodded. “And most of them know it. The good news is that now, because of AIM, we can provide Energetic Balancing for millions of people instead of only thousands.”

“But these recombinant energetic imbalances only exist in their consciousness, right?” I asked.

“Absolutely correct,” Max said. “But I find it interesting that this recombinant imbalance did not exist in anyone’s consciousness until recently, and soon it will exist in everyone’s consciousness. I’ve never seen the proverbial hundred monkeys gather so quickly before. I assume they’re using some kind of high speed communications technology.”

“The AIM Program came along just in time,” I said.

“In my experience,” Max replied, “revelations, like miracles, occur as they’re needed. It’s one of the most compelling arguments for life being a spiritual process. Now we know why your revelation was needed... and why you were so adamant about it...and why it prevailed. More coincidence. Let’s just hope our monkeys are faster than theirs.”

“How widespread is this imbalance?” I asked.

“Someone built it, so it came,” Max said. “As of now, over 98% of those who receive an Energetic Evaluation show the frequency of an active energetic immune deficiency imbalance in their Consciousness. Consequently, over 84% have the frequency of not just hereditary but active malignancy, as measured in units of consciousness, irrespective of their chronological age.”

* * *

When I first met Max, he did full, in fact exhaustive, evaluations on every client. Of course, each client required either a separate computer or energetically charged drops. With the AIM Program, the individual computers and the drops were no longer necessary. But as the number of applicants for Energetic Balancing grew and grew without an end in sight it became logistically harder and harder to provide evaluations. Max and the “choir” switched from performing full evaluations to performing mini-evaluations and the number of applicants continued to grow. Even the mini-evaluation became too time-intensive so Max and the choir began doing Life Force evaluations only. Still the number of people seeking Energetic Balancing continued to grow.

“Ultimately,” Max said, “there will be so many people that there won’t be any time even for Life Force evaluations.”

“What do we say when people want to know what imbalances they have?” I asked him.

“Each person gets the same AIM Program, regardless of which imbalances are found,” Max replied. “We’ve seen over and over again that you detox your imbalances at the same rate, whether or not you know their names. And the names are mostly meaningless, anyway.”

“Actual diseases are often named after the person who first identifies them,” I said.

“With energetic imbalances, I have turned that tradition on its head,” Max said. “When a previously-unknown imbalance is finally revealed to us, I name it after the person in whom it was found. But the names are useless as an aid to energetic detox and, since we don’t reveal the names of participants in the AIM Program to the public, it is inappropriate to share them.”

I again grunted something about people “wanting to know.”

“What does this mean for people who are on AIM?” Max asked rhetorically. “Not a thing. Except their curiosity will not be satisfied. In my mind, the decision is obvious. We have no choice but to help the maximum number of people, even if it means we can no longer discuss the specifics of each individual’s imbalances. Remember, an imbalance is no longer removed as a result of my finding it. It is removed because you inexorably select the balancing frequencies for each of your imbalances.”

Inevitably, some people were dissatisfied with this, and chose not to participate in the AIM Program. Max said, and I concurred, “It’s still a no-brainer. Our choice is to help as many people as we possibly can. Particularly when we consider the kinds of energetic imbalances that are prevalent in the world today. If a few people don’t want to play because they can’t have as much attention as they want, we regret their absence, but we can’t put everyone else’s ability to receive Energetic Balancing at risk, because a few people want more attention.”

* * *

“I have a question.” Dr. Michaels was a surgeon who, with the rest of his family, had been participating in the AIM Program for almost a year. He had come to EMC2 to see the AIM trays for himself.

“Ask away,” Max said.

“I consider myself something of an aficionado of energetic devices,” Dr. Michaels said. “I actually have a small collection of such devices which have been made over the last fifty years or so.”

“I’ve owned quite a number of them myself,” Max noted.

“Well,” Dr. Michaels continued, “I’ve been wondering why you say the QED and QID are not medical devices, even though the early energetic devices are medical devices.”

“Actually,” Max said, “historically there has been quite a consensus that energetic devices are not medical.”

“What about Rife and Voll and others like them?” Dr. Michaels pressed.

Max smiled. “Their devices were decried by the medical establishment as useless for medical purposes and, frankly, we agree with them. We believe that these devices were always spiritual in their nature, even though they were rudimentary in comparison with the state of the art that we have achieved. We believe that the earlier experimenters with energetic devices were misguided, because they confused medicine with healing. Perhaps it couldn’t be helped because many of them came from medical backgrounds.”

“You yourself have a medical background,” Dr. Michaels noted.

“I have transcended it,” Max said. “And I have transcended its limitations. I was interested in medical things because I am interested in healing, but I know now that consciousness, spirituality and healing are inseparable though the same may not be true of medicine and healing and it certainly isn’t true of medicine and spirituality.

“I believe that all human problems, mental, emotional, and physical, as well as aspects of your life that may not at first glance seem ‘connected’ to you, are spiritual at their core. It is this core that the ministry of EMC2 addresses. We call that core the ‘Energetic Matrix.’”

“But how did you take what started as a medical interest and turn it into a spiritual path?” Dr. Michaels asked.

“The exploration started with medicine,” Max said, “but the path was always spiritual and it led me away from the medical sciences. As to how it happened, let me ask you: If a scientist has a vision or thought about God, is that vision or thought scientific or spiritual? If there is an equation involved, does that eliminate the possibility of spirituality? If a mystic is given an equation in a vision, is that equation spiritual or scientific? Does the use of technology mean something is scientific? If a holy person offers a blessing over the telephone or via television or in a book or magazine, is the blessing still spiritual or has it become an artifact of technology or the science that produced the technology?”

“I guess I see your point,” Dr. Michaels acknowledged. “Spiritual things can make use of technology and still remain spiritual.”

“Exactly,” Max said. “And in our case, technology and spirituality have merged. When I started working with the various kinds of energetic devices that had been created over the years, I felt there was a potential that went unfulfilled. So I relentlessly began building my own devices, but even they fell short. Until the key revelation came that transformed the equipment and the data into the Spiritual Technology it has become, the other devices were just not enough. The spiritual revelation was necessary in order to fulfill the vision I had.”

“So the earlier energetic technologies don’t work?” Dr. Michaels asked.

“Can we say that the earlier devices are unhelpful? Of course not,” Max replied. “Like a Model T Ford, the earlier devices still provide a basic service but, like the Model T, they are obsolete. The earlier technologies can’t fulfill what is possible today with the AIM Program.”

“You said that the AIM Program acts on karma,” Dr. Michaels said. “Aren’t you concerned that you’re messing with something that shouldn’t be messed with? Something that each individual is supposed to wrestle with for him- or herself?”

“I’ve been asked this question a lot,” Max said. “I have to point out that helping people deal with karma is one of the primary tasks of religious traditions. This work follows in this time-honored practice. And let me ask you this: What if many lifetimes ago you made a pact with yourself that this path was the one you would choose to remove the karma that has been with you for incarnation after incarnation? Wouldn’t that make this work part of the fulfillment of your own destiny? Also, doesn’t the fact that you made the choice to participate in Energetic Balancing put the responsibility on your shoulders for your karma?”

“I hadn’t thought about it like that,” Dr. Michaels said.

“We always tell people to seek their own inner truth about the energetic ministry of EMC2,” Max told him. “Each person should ask whether it is in their highest interest and greatest good to participate.”

* * *

“A few weeks before Christmas of 1999,” Max said, “the QED started revealing information about ‘prion’ frequencies. So I started doing re-evaluations on people with persistent energetic imbalances. And this is what I found.” He pointed to a page that listed more than a dozen new imbalances, all in the range of prions on the Quantum Index. “Every one of these,” he pointed out, “was found as an hereditary imbalance.”

“You’ve always said ‘There is always more,’ ” I acknowledged.

Since then Max had found one or two new prion imbalances a week, almost always at the hereditary level. Of course, as soon as the imbalance was revealed, its balancing energy was added to the AIM Program. As a result, the phones were buzzing. As these hereditary prion imbalances came to the surface, anyone who had one of them was calling to complain about the discomfort. In fact, the hereditary prion frequencies turned out to be unusually dramatic as they came to consciousness as part of the process of Energetic Balancing.

Finally, by mid-spring of 2000, the revelations of new prion imbalances slowed down. And an amazing thing happened as people finished the energetic detox of their prion imbalances. Max had always believed that none of us would reach a Life Force of 100. Most of us had reached a Life Force of 99 and stayed there, with the exception of his beloved cat, Fearless Fosdick, who had a consistent Life Force of 100. This high Life Force is why Max said he suspected Fosdick was an alien, sent here to keep an eye on him. But now as these hereditary prion imbalances finished their energetic detox, more and more people were joining Fozzy, achieving a Life Force of 100.

There were some people who, despite reaching a Life Force of 100, still had discomfort. Max explained it this way:

“Energetic imbalances are not diseases. Energetic Balancing is not medicine. But nonetheless, they have some things in common because they pertain to life. As you know, in medicine some diseases have no pain whatsoever, no matter how severe the disease is. That’s why some people have heart attacks and strokes and die peacefully in their sleep. On the other hand, the pain of arthritis—or even worse, a toothache—can be unbearable, though they are not generally seen as life-threatening. As a matter of fact, your Life Force can be perfect and yet you may be in a great deal of pain. For example, medically you may have the pressure of a bone hitting a nerve. Energetically we cannot change that problem...yet.”

We encountered another illustration of energetic imbalances when a young athlete came in and described a problem he was having.

“I keep having a strange feeling in my heart,” he said. “I call it a burble. I’ve been to several doctors including two heart specialists, but they tell me there’s nothing wrong with me. I’ve even had EKGs and everything appears normal.”

“That may be a good example of an energetic imbalance,” Max told him. “When you feel you have a problem, but there is no physical or medically-acknowledged manifestation, it is quite likely that there is an energetic cause for the problem. Let me ask you, are you having trouble sleeping?”

“I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep,” the man admitted.

Max performed a brief energetic evaluation using the man’s picture after he left. It confirmed Max’s suspicion that there was a hereditary problem in the frequency or “orb” of the mitral valve. “This imbalance often reads as ‘restless Shen’ to an acupuncturist. Restless Shen is thought to cause sleeping problems. I’ve always thought it was interesting that to an acupuncturist, waking up at three or four in the morning indicates an imbalance in the heart meridian, but Western medicine generally doesn’t associate the two. Perhaps that is because the energetic domain is outside the domain of medicine.”

I pointed out that there were often conflicts between medical diagnoses and our energetic evaluations. There were numerous examples where people told us that their doctors had pronounced them cancer-free, yet Energetic Evaluation had revealed the frequency of malignancy.

“That’s because we don’t diagnose, treat or cure disease,” Max said. “We don’t practice medicine. We don’t claim that this is the same thing as medicine or that Energetic Evaluation or Energetic Balancing is a substitute for medical care. In fact, as you know, we say the opposite.”

“Eastern is eastern and western is western and never etcetera etcetera,” I said.

“Exactly,” Max agreed. “Time and again people have a Life Force of 99 and are told by doctors they have cancer. I can tell you this: Even though I cannot tell you about the existence of a disease, it is impossible to have the frequency of active malignancy and a Life Force of 99. What is curious is that every one of these people came up positive for one or both of two prion frequencies. Do those prion frequencies manifest physically, in a manner that appears similar to cancer? Could be. I’ll never know, because I don’t practice medicine. I can tell you this, though: Even though I would never dispute a medical finding, we are the sole authority regarding the ministry of Energetic Balancing. Simply, there is nobody else who does the same thing we do, the way we do it. We simply don’t believe that anybody else is qualified to make judgments about energetic matters. Just as we’re not qualified to discuss medical conditions, the medical profession is not qualified to discuss energetic imbalances.”

Ultimately, we had come believe that if the Life Force was less than 100, there was an imbalance which was not yet detoxed, and it was probably hereditary.

“Anything less than perfect is at least suspicious and probably unacceptable,” Max said. “In fact, I’ll probably have to measure Life Force on a scale of 1 to 200.”

“Why is that, if 100 is perfect?”

“Well, suppose I do it, and Fosdick turns out to be 200, and you’re only 198,” Max said. “Are you willing to be his energetic inferior?”

The question was rhetorical, so I gave him the mandatory response: “Let Fosdick, the alien kitty, continue to be an inspiration to all of us.”

* * *


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