Imagine a world in which the common cold is curable, where AIDS is just another infection, where cancer victims routinely experience spontaneous remission...
Used by thousands of people to-date,
the futuristic techniques illustrated in this book are now available to you!
More than half a century after Einstein first described the energetic unity of the world, we are finally beginning to understand the spiritual and mystical implications of his discovery. Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness is about the miraculous possibilities that emerge when we view the universe as the spiritual manifestation of our unitive consciousness.

About Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness
From the Dust Jacket
What others have said about Sanctuary

Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness

Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, written by Stephen Lewis & Evan Slawson, is the long-awaited book about the subtle-energy work of Stephen Lewis. It is the first book written on the futuristic use of subtle-energy technology for creating and maintaining well-being. Written in novel form, this book clearly illustrates the principles and future directions of Stephen's work and is packed with insights about subtle-energy exploration and what it can mean for you in today's world.

Learn about

  • Energetic balancing--
    the bridge between metaphysics and technology


  • Why energetic balancing is essential to your spiritual, mental and physical well-being
  • Why energetic balancing is not medicine
  • The connection between energetic imbalance and karma
  • How energetic balancing can resolve current and past-life problems
  • How you can receive energetic balancing
  • How energetic imbalances are manifested
  • The energetic problems facing you today
  • How thousands of people have already benefited from energetic balancing

From the Dust Jacket
Imagine a world in which the common cold is curable, where AIDS is just another infection, where cancer victims routinely experience spontaneous remission...

Visionary genius Max Stevens has created a paradise deep in the desert, a hidden sanctuary where he can work his miracles. Jane, diagnosed with terminal cancer, getting worse with each new course of chemotherapy, sets off on a journey to find him.

She discovers a place where she and others explore and alter the energetic nature of their own beings. Max identifies the subtle-energy imbalances in different areas of their lives and uses his amazing techniques to bring them back into balance, into harmony with their higher selves.

On a breathtaking odyssey of self-discovery, you find yourself cheering Jane on and pushing yourself into the new perspective. Does it work? Will it work for me? These and many more questions are resolved as you travel the path to consciousness with Max.

In this remarkable novel, a new energetic model of the body, the spirit and the nature of the physical world points the way to unlimited possibilities of absolute and eternal transformation.

With the publication of this book comes your opportunity to enter the Quantum-Consciousness universe of exceptional well-being and enhanced potential. Using these new techniques of energetic Quantum-Consciousness Evaluation to identify and remove subtle-energy imbalances, you, too, can travel the path to consciousness to attain and integrate physical, emotional and spiritual harmony. Although Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness is a novel, in reality the futuristic system of well-being, self-awareness and spiritual development it describes is already available.


What others have said about Sanctuary

"Sanctuary is a wonderful book describing a new way of viewing human well-being and consciousness from the latest perspective of subtle energy. I highly recommend that everyone read this book."
Dr. Richard Gerber, MD, author of Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves

"As a member of Sanctuary for many years, the techniques illustrated in this book seem quite normal to me and to the many people I have sent to the real-life Max. ...Sanctuary is the most glorious gift that anyone could ever receive."
Linda Gray, actress, Goodwill Ambassador on Women's Issues to the United Nations

"To those who have an open mind, the information in this book will expand the possibilities, opportunities and consciousness of self exploration and discovery."
Lani Hall (Mrs. Herb Alpert)

"I've been fortunate enough to have worked with the real Max for over 3 years. I don't know what I would do without him. I don't believe anyone can afford not to be a part of it."
Courteney Cox, actress

"Humanity is coming into a newer dimension and expressing itself in a more spiritual/ subtle form. Sanctuary is on the cutting edge of many aspects of this emergence. Like most ideas and events on the planet, it works "better" if you use it. Don't miss out on your own life!"
John-Roger, best-selling author of The Spiritual Warrior

"I've seen Max do some amazing things, with me and with others. It would be unfortunate for anyone not to avail themselves of energetic balancing."
Burt Bacharach, composer, performer

"We feel everyone should have the opportunity provided by Sanctuary."
Jerry Moss, co-founder A&M Records
Ani Moss, President, The Dolphin Connection

"The future is here. Check it out."
Herb Alpert, musician, artist

"The author of Sanctuary: The Path of Consciousness talk about the almost unbelievable ground-breaking technology they introduced within the framework of that novel. The Quantum Consciousness universe of exceptional well-being and enhanced potential with which they are working is one that in time will be taken for granted -- rather than as the miracle it appears to be at this moment of our understanding."
Guy Spiro, editor, Monthly Aspectarian

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