Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness
A Novel By
Stephen Lewis & Evan Slawson

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Sophia Tarila
ForeWord Magazine
February 1999
Sanctuary is a fictionalized work carrying a great deal of information on Quantum Consciousness evaluation techniques that identify and remove subtle energy imbalances. The story is told by an unamed male observer who knows Dr. Max Stevens, originator of the technique. Our storyteller brings cancer-ridden Jane and mutual friend Terry to an obscure location of Sanctuary, a helaing place of research and hope. Here Jane encounters Max and begins a process that ultimately results in restored well being on many levels. The plot development is simple; however, the information revelaed is really the star of this novel.

Pushing the edge of 21st century understanding, the reader considers alternative ways of looking at human beings. Max reminds us repeatedly that his work is not about curing diseases, but rather detecting disturbances in the subtle energy fields that control all of life processes, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual -- and bringing them into balance. He insists that all of life is energy, right up there with Albert Einstein. We have well being when there is energetic integrity and health generating self-organization. By adding other frequencies to a person's circuit, one can note whether malignant or disturbing frequencies are still positive or have become negative. The fascinating consideration is that one can have adjustments in their subtle energy bodies and experience relief of physical symptoms. Bottles containing alcohol, water and diatomaccous earth are charged on plates with the determined neutralizing energies. The "patients" then put drops under their tongues much like homeopathic remedies n a prescribed way. The process is even more incredible as it works with photographs or faxed pictures helping absent people and even animals.

Anyone interested in considering new ways of gaining well being will enjoy this fascinating well written and quick-read of a book. Lewis studied the energetic work of Wilhelm Reich, Oriental philosophy and religion, as well as healing arts, wrestling with his own approach to energetic testing. A vision in the desert unveiled how technology and consciousness are inextricably linked. This was born Lewis' revolutionary work in Quantum Consciousness (the measurement of units of consciousness) and the subject of this work. Co-author, Slawson practices a wide range of modalities from yoga, shamanism, feng-shui, reike and meditation. He brings screen writing and techno-consulting skills to the team. Testimonials from many well-known personalities attest to the effectiveness of the real-life Max. A detailed index and annotated contents help the reader to easily locate facts and subject matter. A professionally present hardcover book.

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