Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness
A Novel By
Stephen Lewis & Evan Slawson


Able Greenspan
Midwest Book Review
January 1999
In a hidden desert retreat, Max Stevens devotes his life to making miracles of healing for which he takes no credit. Jane, whose terminal illness defies the powers of conventional medicine, is delivered to max by caring friends. Using the remarkable techniques he has developed, Max identifies the subtle-energy imbalances in Jane's life. He removes them, enabling Jane to transform herself and achieve her full physical, emotional and spiritual harmony potential. Cast in theformat of the novel, Sanctuary offers the reader an advanced energetic vision of the human body, mind and spirit, and pointsthe way to our limitless potential for total transformation.

Sanctuary takes its place alongside other influential, ground-breaking, philosophically inspiring novels as Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and Robert Heinline's Stranger In A Strange Land.

James Kavanaugh
best-selling author of more than 30 books
from Kalamazoo, Michigan
reviewed in James Kavanaugh Institute Newsletter, Winter 1999
It isn't too often I come across a book that impresses me so much that I buy copies for friends whom I think will share my enthusiasm. Nor is it my custom in the letter to mention other books than my own, since this is our only promotion. This is not medicine, but energy balancing, and it has had miraculous healing impact both emotinally and physically for vast numbers, including me. I was profoundly affected by what seemed a miraculous discovery. The founder spend endless years developing the energy balancing system. A talented friend helped speed up the process. The book grabbed me and I joined Sanctuary and highly endorse it. Another 3rd Millenium giant step toward total healing.

Jonathan Fairchild
from USA
reviewed on -
January 19, 2000
This is one of the most important books for humanity. It has helped transform the quality of my life, my health and well-being. This book is truly on the cutting edge where quantum physics and spirituality meet to create an efffective programme and service for humanity that has the potential to uplift, heal, & transform humanity into a higher quality of life on all levels of being. I highly recommend this book to all people who are seeking to heal their mind, body, & soul. Thank you Steven, and Max for all the Light and Grace you are bringing to this planet. May you be infinitely blessed for sharing this gift with humanity. Love, J. Fairchild

Lisa Parker
from Florida
reviewed on - August 15, 1999
Though this book is written in novel form to tell its story, what you read here is a true form of healing and is available to anyone. The book itself and the story are wonderful, easy to read and keeps you page turning. But, I contacted the authors and received the healing they are talking about. In my translation, what this is about is radionics. Yes, I was skeptical at first. After all, I have utilized every form of alternative medicine there is to get rid of violent headaches that I have experienced for years. After 9 years of pain, I am headache free. PLEASE avail yourself of this healing - it truly works!

Cornelis van Heumen
Publicist Cate Cummings Publicity

April 1999

as a person whom everyone, including myself, my many doctors and my friends (and not my wife, bless her), with "that look" in the eye you never forget, believed wouldn't live to see last Christmas, I must say it is true.

It took me an agonizing six months to look death in the eye. It took me three glorious weeks to live -- see again everything reborn, new and filled with wonder, including myself. And, for all the rest, e.g., spiritual growth and universal connection as much as proper diet, breath and exercise, I am very happy to say I'm still here and still learning. I don't believe I could recommend a better transition process or consciousness raising.

Sanctuary invited me in. I suggest you consider the book and its authors as invitation as well, whether you are currently well or ill. Tomorrow is here today and now arrives faster all the time.

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Joe Cronin
Creations Magazine,
Dec/Jan '98/99
Sanctuary is a novel based on the simple truth that everything is energy. The story opens with Jane declining a third course of chemotherapy and turning her back on orthodox medicine. With the help of two friends she searches out a mysterious doctor named Max. Max had left his successful medical practice to pursue other healing modalities and disciplines. Eventually he combined these with his own techniques and began measuring subtle energies.

Thanks to his knowledge of physics and electronics, he was able to use computers to measure and identify these energy frequencies with great accuracy. He correlated energies or frequency imbalances with many different ailments and diseases. Better still, he learned to apply the proper frequency and people's symptoms disappeared rather quickly. Max insists he does not diagnose much less cure any disease, yet patients almost invariable felt better after the energy balancing. Of course, Jan is no exception. Eventually, Max evolves his techniques beyond the realm of physical symptoms.

What makes this story so compelling is that we are told it's basically true! The book jacket and front pages have numerous endorsements of the real-life Max and his Sanctuary organization. Some are from well-known figures in entertainment. There is even one from Dr. Richear Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine.

Sanctuary is easy to read and understand, yet astounding in its implications for the health and well-being of each of us.

Sophia Tarila
ForeWord Magazine
February 1999
Anyone interested in considering new ways of gaining well being will enjoy this fascinating well written and quick-read of a book. ... A detailed index and annotated contents help the reader to easily locate facts and subject matter. A professionally present hardcover book.

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